Referring patients to Udai Omni is easy. While many doctors have their own channels of communication, should you want to rout eat through a central node, our Patient Referral Cell is there. Manned by a two member team they work in close coordination with all the departments and the surgery teams. Their mandate is to reach the patient to the right specialist and keep you informed right through the process – from the first instance right upto the closure and fulfilment of the healthcare delivery.

TO REFER A NEW PATIENT CALL US ON +91 (040) 2323 2226, or email:
Speak to Devendranth/Chaitanya or write to

TO TRANSFER A PATIENT CALL US ON +91 (040) 2323 2226 anytime – 24 x 7.

Referral Assistance

When you refer to us, we will keep you informed of your patients’ progress to ensure a smooth continuation of care. If you ever have trouble reaching the right member of our team, please call the Doctor Helpline at +91 (040) 2323 2226. You will get help with:

  • Navigating referrals to the appropriate clinic or specialist
  • Connecting referring physicians and Udai Omni Specialists via phone
  • Updating referring physicians on the patients’ progress

Business Hours

Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.