The Udai Omni Orthopaedics centre works in partnership with the centre for plastic and reconstructive surgery at Udai Omni on all orthopaedic trauma and injuries. Plastic and reconstructive surgery focuses on restoring form and function following an injury or other orthopaedic conditions, such as tumours or congenital deformities.

The centre has board-certified surgical experts for tissue repair, closure after orthopaedic trauma, reconstruction, and grafting of skin, soft tissue, bones, nerves, tendons and joints, including microsurgical and flap reconstruction.

The same principles of careful and delicate tissue handling that plastic surgeons use in performing cosmetic surgery are also used in reconstructive plastic surgery.

Our experts are trained in all aspects of plastic surgery, both cosmetic and reconstructive. Their areas of expertise include aesthetic breast and body procedures, surgical and nonsurgical facial aesthetic treatments, and hand surgery, as well as breast and extremity reconstruction

With our plastic surgery wing, we are able to help a wide variety of people, whether someone is interested in looking more youthful or needs reconstructive procedures. It is the perfect blend of science, creativity, and problem-solving.”

For breast reconstruction, our specialists can offer the full spectrum of options to a patient. They have special expertise in the profunda artery perforator (pap) flap procedure, which involves using tissue from the patient’s own thigh to reconstruct the breast. Women with breast cancer who have had previous abdominal surgery or do not have enough abdominal tissue are prime candidates for this type of surgery. In addition to the pap flap, our experts can offer all other aspects of breast reconstruction including the diep flap and implant-based reconstruction.

Additionally, our specialists care for patients who suffer from hand disorders ranging from trigger finger or carpal tunnel syndrome to complex orthopaedic hand problems or extremity reconstruction.

“Our commitment is to high patient satisfaction. We strive to provide alternatives that truly benefit my patients,”. “Our job is to do whatever it takes to ensure the patients have a positive experience and are receiving great care for their long-term health.”

Plastic surgery

Whether it’s done for medical or cosmetic reasons, plastic surgery helps us look our best by restoring lost function in our body or improving areas affected by age.

Our doctors provide the highest level of plastic surgery and services available. Our specialities include: wound and burn care, cosmetic surgery, hand surgery and facial reconstruction.

Plastic surgery

Whether it’s done for medical or cosmetic reasons, plastic surgery helps us look our best by restoring lost function in our body or improving areas affected by age.

Our doctors provide the highest level of plastic surgery and services available. Our specialities include: wound and burn care, cosmetic surgery, hand surgery and facial reconstruction.

Whether you want a more youthful look or you need a complex reconstructive procedure, you want a plastic surgeon who can help you look and feel your best.

At Udai Omni, our board-certified plastic surgeons are among the most highly trained, experienced doctors in Udai Omni. Board certification is important because it means your surgeon is expertly trained in all areas of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery — including facelifts, body contouring and reconstructive surgery after an injury or illness.

Our experts take the time to listen to what’s important to you so we can create a treatment plan that’s safe, healthy and meets your expectations. We understand the decision to have plastic surgery can be emotional, and you need respectful guidance and care.

Our plastic surgeons are compassionate medical experts, but they’re also artists and perfectionists — qualities that are important when it comes to how you look.

Experience you can trust

Udai Omni health care offers a combination of experience, medical capabilities and advanced technology you can’t find anywhere else in Hyderabad. Our surgeons are educators and researchers at various universities, which means your care team is knowledgeable about and skilled in the latest surgical techniques.

When you choose Udai Omni, you benefit from the research resources and expertise available throughout our health system. Our surgeons collaborate with physicians in other departments such as orthopaedics (for limb preservation and reconstruction and oncology (for breast reconstruction).

Plastic surgery services

We offer expert care in all areas of plastic surgery, including

  • Aesthetic surgery
  • Hand surgery
  • Craniofacial surgery
  • Breast surgery
  • General reconstructive surgery
  • Paediatric plastic surgery
  • Vascular anomalies
  • Skin cancer surgery

Your plastic surgeon may work with other specialists to provide complete care, including dermatologists, oncologists, bariatric surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, burn specialists and other experts.

Aesthetic surgery services

We offer a full range of procedures, from nonsurgical treatments (chemical peels, dermabrasion and more) to facelifts, eye surgeries and more, and our plastic surgeons offer the highest level of expertise and skill in the region.

Hand surgery services

Our plastic surgeons have expertise in treating injuries, acquired problems and congenital problems of the hands in both pediatric and adult patients. We also specialize in peripheral nerve reconstruction.

Craniofacial surgery

The craniofacial dysostosis syndromes are a group of similar, inherited, congenital anomalies that affect the skull, face, and sometimes the limbs. If you have questions as to the best treatment option for your child with a cranial abnormality, we invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to obtain a second opinion at our centre for craniofacial anomalies.

Breast surgery

Whether you’re looking to enhance your breasts, get a breast reduction or have breast reconstruction surgery, our team is here to help meet your needs.

General reconstructive surgery

Our reconstructive plastic surgeons perform highly complex surgeries to reconstruct areas of the body after illnesses, such as cancer, traumatic injury or burns. We have the expertise to perform even the most delicate surgeries to reconstruct tiny vessels and tissues, and we collaborate with other mu health care providers to offer comprehensive care.

Paediatric plastic surgery

We understand children need specialized care, so we offer a full range of services just for kids. Our paediatric plastic surgery team delivers expert care tailored to the unique needs of children and families. We offer a full range of services — everything from treatment of congenital abnormalities to ear surgeries, expert second opinions and more.

Vascular anomalies

From haemangiomas to malformations, our experts offer a full range of services to handle simple and complex vascular anomalies.

Skin cancer surgery

Skin cancer can require surgery to remove cancerous growths. Our plastic surgeons use specialized techniques to surgically remove cancerous skin lesions and preserve your appearance.

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