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Kids are prone to many types of orthopedic problems. Whether it’s a broken bone after a fall off their bike, a sore knee from too much sports activity, or a growth abnormality that causes a parent to be concerned, pediatric orthopedic surgeons are experts in the care of bone and joint problems in kids. Not every bone problem requires the care of a pediatric orthopedic specialist. Many problems are well taken care of by general orthopedists, pediatricians, or emergency care providers. However, when the problem is more complex, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon may be called in to help.

Kids Aren’t Little Adults

Sometimes we think of kids as just small adults. With bones, that is definitely not the case. Children’s bones are very different as they are quickly growing, and the bone is rapidly developing. A child’s bone is more elastic (it can bend, without breaking all the way through) and it has a capacity to remodel over time.

Another factor is that children often are unable to express their symptoms or fears in a way that can be easily understood. Very young children may not have developed language skills, and older children may have difficulty communicating even if they do know the words they are trying to say.

Physicians treating young children need to be skilled in extracting information about a child’s condition, even in situations where they may not be able to ask simple medical questions, such as “where does it hurt?”
There are special considerations with a child’s bone that need to be taken into consideration when treating kids. Children are growing, often very quickly, and the areas where bone is growing most quickly, called the growth plate, can be susceptible to injury. While healing of a growth plate injury often occurs very quickly because of the rapid growth occurring at that site, your doctor will need to ensure the growth plate was not damaged, or if special treatment of that growth plate is needed. Unrecognized injuries to a growth plate can lead to growth abnormalities such as early closure of the growth plate, or abnormal growth of the bone.

Our experts in paediatric orthopaedics know how to properly treat conditions in growing children and adolescents and provide quality care to them and their families in a kind and compassionate environment.

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