Each year, 65,000 amputations are performed in the US. Some are performed because of vascular diseases, some due to trauma and others due to cancer, congenital diseases or diabetes. A prosthesis is a device that replaces or extends a limb, extremity, or other body part. Over the years, huge medical strides have been made in the manufacturing and technology of prostheses. UDAI OMNI is at the forefront of these advancements and has fitted patients with prostheses from as small as the tip of a finger to something as innovative as a bionic knee. Our experienced team will work with you and your family to evaluate your needs and recommend the best prosthesis to fit your needs, function and lifestyle.

No matter what your requirements, a precise fit is crucial. The professionals at UDAI OMNI ensure that your prosthesis is customized to your body in order to be comfortable and secure. In addition, they stay involved with your care during physical therapy and follow-up visits.

Prosthetic Services Include

  • Endoskeletal Modular Cosmetic Prostheses
  • Exoskeletal Systems
  • Harmony Vacuum Assisted Socket
  • Pediatric Prosthetics
  • Microprocessor Knee
  • Advanced AK Socket Designs
  • Myoelectric Prosthetics
  • Pre-prosthetic Care
  • Immediate Post-surgical Care
  • Hospital/Clinical Evaluations

Upper Extremity Prosthetics

Upper extremity prosthetics deals with the prosthetic fitting of upper limb amputations. With the advancement in technologies over the years, we can now fit you with prostheses that help you with activities and lets you carry on with your life in the way you want. Visit our Upper Extremity Prosthetics section for more information.

Lower Extremity Prosthetics

Lower extremity prosthetics deals with the prosthetic fitting of lower limb amputations. All kinds of leg functions can be restored to you with the latest technological prostheses. We also help you walk properly with the appropriate prosthesis. We look forward to seeing you go about your life with the utmost freedom. For more information visit our Lower Extremity Prosthetics section.

Compression Therapy

Compression therapy involves treating post surgical scars and edemas with the help of elastic bands and compression garments. UDAI OMNI helps people heal faster post amputation. Visit our Compression therapy section to get better knowledge about it.


Post amputation rehabilitation as well as post prosthetic rehabilitation is very important. Patient’s need to be able to train the body to work as well as they did before the amputation. Our trained professionals at UDAI OMNI assist in the selection of the proper prosthesis and are actively involved in the physical therapy process. Visit our Rehabilitation section for more information.

UDAI OMNI is an established Prosthetic center and we pride ourselves in providing the best all round prosthetic care.

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An orthosis is used to repair, support or immobilise a body part in order to heal it, to improve function or to manage pain. At Comprehensive Prosthetics and Orthotics, we provide orthoses for patients who suffer from stroke, osteoarthiritis, traumatic injury to the brain or spinal cord, joint replacement, scoliosis, and general foot and back pain. Apart from these, orthoses can also help with relieving pain in hand, elbow, arm and wrist conditions such as carpal tunnel and tennis elbow and also lower extremity conditions such as plantar fasciitis, stretch fractures and arch pain.

Our orthists not only provides great service and care but is also in touch with the latest technologies in orthotics. UDAI OMNI is also a certified outfitter of the Walk-Aide, a device that utilizes electrical stimulation to assist with the functionality of the calf muscles to enable a patient to walk more naturally and comfortably. This device is used for a condition known as foot drop, which occurs when a condition or injury causes a disruption in the messages sent by the nerves to the leg muscles, causing the foot to drag while walking.

At UDAI OMNI, we evaluate your condition and then fit you with an orthosis that would remedy your condition. We make sure that you use it properly so that you get maximum relief. Our priorities lie with your comfort.

Upper Limb Orthotics

Upper limb orthotics deals with the fitting of orthoses to treat conditions in your shoulder, elbow, arm, hand or wrist. It either provides support or immobilises a part of your limb in order to help your condition. Our orthotists helps people get custom fitted with orthoses to help with carpal tunnel, fractures, or to enhance tissue healing or help with post surgical recovery. To know more about our services and your options, visit our Upper Limb Orthotics page.

Lower Limb Orthotics

Lower limb orthotics deals with the fitting of orthoses for conditions in your hip, leg, knees, ankles or feet like foot drop, plantar fasciitis, sports injuries, fractures as well as muscle pains and partial foot amputations. Our orthotists advice people and helps them get the right orthoses that treat or prevent conditions. To know more about our services and your options, visit our Lower Limb Orthotics page.

Neck and Spinal Orthotics

Neck and spinal orthotics deal with the orthoses used for cervical and spinal injuries. It either restricts motion or provides support to your spine to reduce pain and provide comfort.Our orthotists provide numerous braces that help with post operative care, spinal curvature, spondalitis and other disorders. If you want more information about our services and your options, visit our Neck and Spinal Orthotics page.

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If you have any queries regarding our practice or how we can help you, fill out our Patient form or Physician form, and we will get back to you with answers. We are here to help however we can.

What is an orthotist?

An orthotist is a healthcare professional who makes and fits braces and splints (orthoses) for people who need added support for body parts that have been weakened by injury, disease, or disorders of the nerves, muscles, or bones. They work under a doctor’s orders to adapt purchased braces or create custom-designed braces. Braces are often named for the body part they support, such as:

  • An AFO brace is an ankle-foot orthosis.
  • A KAFO brace is a knee-ankle-foot orthosis, or long leg brace.
  • A Halo brace is a brace that surrounds the head and is held in place with small screws in the skull. It is used to stabilize the neck and prevent further damage to the spinal cord after injury.

What is a prosthetist?

A prosthetist is a healthcare professional who makes and fits artificial limbs (prostheses) for people with disabilities. This includes artificial legs and arms for people who have had amputations due to conditions such as cancer, diabetes, or injury.

Orthotists and prosthetists receive special education and training in graduate programs or internships. They may practice in a variety of settings, including the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Inpatient rehabilitation centers
  • Outpatient rehabilitation centers
  • Private practice
  • Industrial health centers

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