UDAI OMNI Hospital comprises of a team of dedicated orthopaedic specialists committed to continually improving the standard of patient care. Our aim is to provide outstanding orthopaedic care by adhering to the highest possible professional and ethical standards.

Over four decades of Orthopaedic excellence…

In 1975, Udai Clinic was founded by Dr Ved Prakash to provide a dedicated specialist approach to every patient’s orthopaedic problem. Since the inception of Udai Clinic, scores of surgeons have joined and trained at the hospital under the guidance of Dr Ved Prakash. Recently UDAI CLINIC joined hands with OMNI Hospitals. By early 2017 the hospital will add 100 beds to its present set up. Hereby it will be able to cater to the needs of its patients in a more spacious environment.

Udai Omni Hospital has evolved over four decades to expand its care to patients of all ages under the leadership of Dr Ved Prakash. Until recently known as Udai Clinic Orthopaedic Centre, the team joined hands with Incor’s Omni Hospitals and is now called Udai Omni Hospital.

Our team is growing steadily with health professionals devoted to the care of patients with orthopaedic and associated traumatic conditions.

General Orthopaedics and Joint care

We understand that musculoskeletal injuries can be a major setback, both physically and mentally. Our team diagnoses and treats injuries and conditions that affect the bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints. This includes everything from evaluating strains and splinting broken bones, to doing complex reconstructive surgeries after an accident.


Spine Surgery

Our Spine Surgery Department offers expert, personalized medical care and state-of-the-art surgical procedures to treat a range of common and acute spinal conditions. We use a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to care, our team of experts specializes in adult spinal deformity, degenerative spine disease and conditions affecting the spine.


Scoliosis & Deformity Correction

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine (deformation) that affects 2% of the population. The disorder can be congenital (present at birth), but often it is not diagnosed until adulthood. Scoliosis is caused by spinal degeneration or a curvature from childhood which worsens over time. Symptoms vary with age of onset and severity of the curvature

Primary & Revision Joint Replacement

Udai Omni Hospital is devoted to the treatment of patients needing primary and revision total joint replacement of the hip, knee and shoulder. Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art care in a professional and compassionate environment while honouring a commitment to research and education in the field of total joint arthroplasty. All our surgeons are experienced.


Pediatric Orthopaedics

Kids are prone to many types of orthopaedic problems. Whether it’s a broken bone after a fall off their bike, a sore knee from too many sports activity, or a growth abnormality that causes a parent to be concerned, pediatric orthopaedic surgeons are experts


Sports Injuries & Arthroscopy

Sports medicine is a subspecialty of orthopaedics that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries suffered during athletic activity. The goal of treatment is to heal and rehabilitate the injury so patients can return to their favourite activities quickly, whether it’s Little League, recreational play or a high school, college or professional sport.

Shoulder, Elbow Surgery

Udai Omni provides comprehensive evaluation and management for a wide range of shoulder and elbow problems. We offer the full spectrum of shoulder and elbow surgeries, from minimally invasive procedures to highly complicated surgical procedures.

Foot & Ankle Surgery

Our multidisciplinary approach to any disease situation including physical therapy, pain management, and orthopaedics enables us to provide our patients with the top quality, personalised treatment solution.

Specialist Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

At Udai Omni, the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) specialists help restore movement and function to people disabled by disease or injury. They create therapy plans that consider the unique needs, abilities and objectives of each patient. Our specialists work closely with a team of physical therapists,

Orthotics & Prosthetics

Each year, 65,000 amputations are performed in the US. Some are performed because of vascular diseases, some due to trauma and others due to cancer, congenital diseases or diabetes. A prosthesis is a device that replaces or extends a limb,