At Udai Omni we have seamlessly blended surgical wisdom gathered over decades with forward-looking methods and technologies. With our foundations strongly laid in methodical training in the UK, over the years we have been at the forefront of ensuring that orthopaedic care is well explained, delivered with diligence and the patient getting the right treatment. For us, the patient is the first object of interest. Their recovery and happiness matter more than anything else.

Enviable experience in orthopaedics

The strongest feature of Udai Omni is orthopaedics. With its genesis lying in Udai Clinic the Department of Orthopaedics provides state of the art treatment in all fields of orthopaedic surgery- conditions related to general orthopaedics, spine surgery, deformity correction, joint replacements, paediatric orthopaedics, sports injuries & arthroscopy, shoulder, elbow surgery, foot and ankle surgery. Founded by Dr Ved Prakash, the team has at its core Dr Raghava Dutt Mulukutla and Dr Udai Prakash. Supported and strengthened by a group of knowledgeable and spirited surgeons, we deliver expert surgical care. Our facilities are expanding and year on year we have been seeing a steady increase in the number of surgeries. From the inception back in 1975 to now, the busy schedules of surgeries have always had a place for research and academic excellence. Many of our orthopaedic specialists are known across the world for academics – many of them acting as contributors and editors to major surgery journals. In fact, we have in Dr Raghava Dutt Mulukutla, the President of the Indian Spine Association and in Dr Udai Prakash the editor of the ‘Bone’ magazine.


Hospital with heritage

We have been an orthopaedic hospital for 42 years now. Possibly at a time when there were no orthopaedic speciality hospitals, we serviced Hyderabad and it populace with dedication and a new way. Modern then, contemporary now, the healing tradition of Udai Clinic is firmly embedded in the DNA of Udai Omni. Frankly, the new building aside, we are a hospital with a heritage very few hospitals can claim to have built over a period of time. It is an interesting feature that here we have old patients referring new patients. Someone’s relative, friend, kin has been known to the patient who has been earlier treated at Udai.


Leading edge technology

Udai Omni Hospital has the latest and best in diagnostic and treatment technology – from the highest resolution imaging devices to computer aided navigation surgery techniques. High resolution 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner, Siemens Symphony CT scanner and digital radiographs provide the best imaging support to accurately diagnose diseases. On the operative side, BrainLab navigation services for computer aided spine and joint replacement surgery ensures safety and precision, Medtronics Neuromonitoring enables performance of complex spinal cord surgery without risking the cord, Cell Saver machines enables long and complex surgeries maintaining patients’ safety, and the most advanced orthopaedic implants available internationally are used at Udai Omni Hospital.


Innovation and research

Our mission is to keep looking for discoveries and innovations that help in doing things better. In some cases faster, in others on how one can understand the disease situation in an innovative way. We are continually engaged in analysing our surgical records and the diseases we treat to help us give pathways into bettering the delivery of health care. Our doctors are engaged in active clinical and basic research and several of them have made paper presentations from their learnings at various national international forums. Our insight is simple: practice combined with research and academics means more affordable patient care and innovative procedures.



It is our considered opinion that for every good or even great expert you need an equally good team. At Udai Omni, we take pride in our teams. Not merely in their ability to align with each other’s needs and demands but also to the urgency. The right step at the right time for the right result is the team’s motto. Preparation, anticipation and empathy with the lead surgeon’s’ needs go without saying. Supporting these basic principles of work are team meetings, sharing of knowledge, master classes which embellish the specialisation and more. Collective wisdom for the patient’s gain has been working well for us.


Everything under one roof

Virtually all services that a patient may need — doctor visits, laboratory testing, surgery, x-ray, CT, MRI scans, physiotherapy, anaesthetic assessment before surgery — are available “under one roof” at Udai Omni Hospital. Scheduling of these services is coordinated in an efficient way such that what might take two or three days in another setting is done in a single day here. In fact complex problems that may require a sub-speciality specialist opinion or expert input from senior consultants are available throughout the day even without prior appointment helping patients to get the “best possible doctor visit” on a day.


The Power of your health is our happiness

Healing someone who has a need is the greatest joy that doctors can have in their lives. When we at Udai Omni see that smile of recovery, the much-awaited sense of relief on the caregiver’s face and in the family that possibly is the greatest payback for us. A successful surgery is no doubt the goal. But the ultimate sense of achievement lies in the patient’s health. The healthier, the happier. Little wonder then, that we always say in ‘ Your health is our Happiness’.