In 1975 when we began Udai Clinic, our vision was to create a Specialty Centre that would treat anyone who needs anything to do with bones and locomotion. We believed that the specialists possessed the training and knowledge that was needed to deliver healing encompassing the musculoskeletal area. Slowly we built an ecosystem of specialists and facilities that handle a range of treatments and the related rehabilitation. From neurological conditions to reconstruction after trauma, we managed to do it all at Udai Clinic. For over four decades this has been our journey, passion and commitment under the guidance of Dr Ved Prakash and with the expert contributions from Dr Raghava Dutt Mulukutla, Dr Udai Prakash and a host of other like-minded specialists.

p style=”text-align: justify;”>This Udai Clinic located at Chapel Road has grown into the expansive Udai Omni Hospital. Built on the foundations of caring, healing and a commitment that in the patient’s health is our happiness.

Evolving story

The old-fashioned say doctors here have the ‘shifa’(healing touch). The new-fashioned know it as Udai Omni
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Why choose Udai

If you want a blend of experience, expertise and enviable patient care, you should check us out
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Surgeries- our timeline

Year on year the number of surgeries has been increasing steadily.
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Careers at Udai Omni

Udai Omni is a growing healthcare entity. We are an agile team with a dream to set new benchmarks on hospital care. We have many openings across departments where we are looking for professionals with talent, people-friendliness and the urge to make a difference to the lives of patients..

The Power of ‘Your Health is our Happiness’

Healing someone who has a need is the greatest joy that doctors can have in their lives. When we at Udai Omni see that smile of recovery, the much-awaited sense of relief on the caregiver’s face and in the family that possibly is the greatest payback for us. A successful surgery is no doubt the goal. But the ultimate sense of achievement lies in the patient’s health. The healthier, the happier. Little wonder then, that we always say in ‘ Your health is our Happiness’.