What makes Envision High a 360o school? All-round development is more than a claim for us, it is in our DNA. We want to combine the conventional wisdom of traditional methods and the agility of the modern education concepts to morph into a values-based education that prepares our children for the future. Here is what makes them truly future-ready:

Our students are excellent communicators: They understand that communication is more than just talking. They present their ideas with clarity and lucidity. They speak confidently to audiences. They understand that communication is as much about receiving as it is about sending. So they listen too, with patience and focus. Communication for our students is a way to exchange ideas, influence change and forge deeper connections with their peers and the society around them.

Our students come up with creative solutions: We do not believe in thinking out of the box. We believe in not having a box at all. We encourage free thinking. So our students are not afraid to imagine what can be. They are not afraid to fail. And that’s why they come up with the most innovative and creative solutions to problems.

Our students have a harmonious blend of IQ and EQ: The future belongs to those who can navigate the complexities of life with a blend of Intelligence – both intellectual and Emotional. Our students can find solutions, think for themselves, treat success and failure with aplomb and most importantly they know when to stop and smell the roses because they know happiness is the most important pursuit.

Our students have strong value systems: Everything you do has a moral implication, so taking tough decisions with far reaching consequences is a large responsibility, one our students are adept at because they are constantly encouraged to look within, introspect and develop a strong value system that will guide them to use their moral compass in navigating tricky situations.

Our students are Physically, mentally an intellectually agile: It is no longer enough to excel at one thing and you do not know what situation in life would demand which faculty of theirs to thrive. Our curriculum is programmed to instill agility and alacrity of all faculties – of the body and the mind. Can they use art to understand mathematics better? Can they use physics to understand interpersonal relationships better? They learn from everything, connect the dots and are ready to jump into action at all times.

Envision High combines simple techniques of the one-to-one pedagogy of ancient traditional education systems with modern methodologies. We have CBSE and IGCSE syllabi delivered in the XSeed education format from Singapore – the best of what we treasure as proven teaching methods, with the progressive ways of future-enabling techniques.

Children will be inspired to always ask why, and teachers will, by choice, give answers that nurture reasoning, observation and the precept behind the theory.

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