The Envision School is an idea nurtured by years of proven experience with children and parents. This idea began with a collective of play- schoolers blooming into happy and smart children. The blending of time-honed techniques of learning with ingenious methods of instruction was inherent and intrinsic to this journey. Add to it a high level of accountability and conversation between the school and the parents, and a lasting belief that life is a judicious mix of reality and positivity, learning and questioning, academics and life lessons – you have the genesis of The Envision School, a growing idea and a new one that envisages to be like no other.

The Envision School combines simple techniques of the one-to-one pedagogy of ancient traditional education systems with modern methodologies. We have CBSE and IGCSE syllabi delivered in the XSeed education format from Singapore – the best of what we treasure as proven teaching methods, with the progressive ways of future-enabling techniques.
Children will be inspired to always ask why, and teachers will, by choice, give answers that nurture reasoning, observation and the precept behind the theory.

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