At the Envision School we empathise with every parent’s dream. What’s your dream for your child? A doctor? An engineer? A corporate professional? An IT whiz? A Spell bee champion? A dancer? A singer? An explorer? A teacher? We recognise the key role a school can play – from playschool to high school in a unique way in making those dreams come true.

First we begin with recognising that every child is different and preserving that endearing diversity in personalities and competencies is of paramount importance for development.

Then, we map the child’s specific needs and ensure our well-conceived curriculum is delivered in easy-to-handle portions. This is enabled by teachers who are selected and trained to identify the intellectual, emotional and problem solving skills of the student. An empathetic teacher means a happy student is what works at Envision.

Followed by establishing an unobtrusive way of assessment; that which encompasses the various all-round skills of the student – language ability, mathematical bent, nature loving aptitude – that drive the student to explore and be constantly curious about everything around.

Lastly, cultivate the awareness that comes about with a smart personality and presentation.

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