Envision High is a life-changing internal development programme. A space where your child is free to discover the world and its many fascinating truths. A space where your child is inspired to ask ‘why’ of everything and seek answers that’ll broaden their horizons. A space where your child can make mistakes without fear and create learning opportunities of them. A space that will use the principles of positive pedagogy and build from within a strong value system for your child to thrive and lead wherever they go in the world tomorrow.

That is our philosophy at Envision, to build from within. Learning to learn is what we aspire to inculcate in the children. Our infrastructure, the curriculum, the extra-curricular activities and the pedagogy are all conceptualised to be building blocks for your child’s future – however they dream about and envision it. Some may learn from solving the rubix cube, while some may learn from solving complex theorems, some may dream of being an astronaut, while some may want to be a professional pole vaulter – whatever they want to be and however they love to learn, we will create a space for them to learn according to their pace.

Transparency and open communication are the cornerstones of our vision at Envision. We will strive at all times to keep an open line of communication and continuous feedback between the school, the children and the parents. My office will always be open to anyone who wants a conversation about the school or its offerings.

Come let’s build a beautiful world and stimulate the senses in our children to enjoy its beauty and lead it responsibly.

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