The world is changing; it’s changing faster than ever before. What is new today becomes obsolete even before you have had the chance to learn and excel at it. Given that the world is changing at the pace of thought, it is no longer enough for your child to be good at one thing – it is important to be able to learn multiple things and be good at all of them. They have to wake up the next day and be ready to start afresh without fear but with fortitude, armed with the dexterity to forge ahead.

This is what it takes to navigate and succeed in the new world. That’s only possible when the mind is curious and has been trained to get to the core of everything around; when it has imbibed the love for knowledge and the capacity for application of this knowledge. This is the kind of mind we want to empower our children with Envision High.

We have envisioned the coming together of conventional wisdom of traditional methods and the agility of the modern education concepts to morph into a values-based education. We have envisioned a safe space, both physically and emotionally, for your child to learn and develop an all-round, wholesome personality. We envision to inspire curiosity in your child. We envision your child growing into a youth with a fearless mind, able body and an aptitude for endless knowledge. In the words of the Great Poet who inspired our headline, we envision a world where the mind is led forward into ever-widening thought and action.

Welcome to Envision High where we want children to dream, and we will add wings to turn them into reality. Discover our journey and come aboard.

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