To usher in change is a challenge. It is like wielding that plough which ushers in productivity into the soil by working its way into the roots of barrenness. But to that proverbial plough – who is to lend it a shoulder? Mount it, push it and guide it towards development? Frankly, the questions are many, but I believe the answers are all there. We need to think, search and empathise with every class of people. Their needs, problems and expectations are to be understood, identified and addressed with a plan and passion. This is my journey now. I set out to be a doctor, a surgeon at that… but then, the call of my brethren was louder and their needs were far greater than my own, individual and professional pursuits. Over the years I have been taking measured steps and working with severals sections of the society in Telangana with a strong emphasis on needs of the weaker sections.

I believe that progress, change and development don’t just lie in the politics of power. They have their foundations in thinking and wanting to make a difference towards society. My journey has begun with a hope that development will touch people from all walks of life. But only if we want it to happen…

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Agreed, justice was done, but was Justice really done?

Agreed, Justice has been done unto all involved in the 66 crores disproportionate assets case of Sasikala and company. She sits in jail along with a couple of others. But has justice really been done in liew to what was accumulated beyond the 66 crores after 1997?

The disproportionate assets case was filed in 1997, after a clearance was given by the then Governor, Shri Marri Channa Reddy garu. The trial of the case ran in Tamil Nadu until 2003, when an application was made to Supreme Court that the trial in Tamil Nadu was being influenced and so case be transferred to Karnataka. On Supreme Courts orders, Trial in Karnataka began in 2003 until 2014, when the judgement convicting her was pronounced, later struck down by Karnataka High Court…

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